How to shop best Clothes Iron in 2019

Difficulty to find out Clothes iron from the Market, Don’t worry this post will help you on the same. Now a days many brands are selling the Irons Online as well as Offline places, we have to figure out that which one is best by calculating their characteristics.

Types of Irons:

Clothes iron

Ironing the clothes and doing away with the wrinkles and creasing from the clothing is a most suitable way to have a clean, dry, quick look when you are actually trying to dress up. Generally, in most of the appliances stores online you can find that there are mainly two kinds of iron – steam and dry iron. But it depends on your clothes that what kind of iron is better suited for which fabric.

Dry iron is considered now a days to be old fashioned or traditional type of iron. The main work of this iron lies in its simplicity which means that the main function of the iron is only to set the temperature. But, it needs to be taken care that the temperature must be set up according to the fabric. The best part of using dry iron is that even if you leave the iron unattended and monitored you will find that it do not cause any kind of harm to any of your garments. But, nowadays dry iron is rarely found in the stores and also a bit expensive. But for fabrics like silk and satin it is mandatory that you use dry iron for ironing your dress material.

Steam irons, on the other hand, is a preferable one when people opt for online home appliances shopping as they are very quicker, cheaper as well as easily available. Moreover, in some of the steam irons even you get the facility to switch to either dry or steam iron depending on the fabric. Steam iron moreover is also known because it works quicker than the dry iron and also it releases the wrinkle faster and in a better way on every item.As from the above description, it should be clear that the both the steam and dry irons are available in the market but it depends on the user what they will use. But, if you use a multi functional iron beware before using it as the holes in the iron from where the steam exits can cause harm to your clothes.

Heat Capacity of Iron:

Less costly, basic irons off have simply low, medium, and high heat settings while higher priced models offer more temperature settings to match different types of fabric.The ideal iron should have adjustable settings for delicate to cotton fabrics or the ability to set a specific numerical temperature. Another important feature is an automatic shut off that will turn off the iron if it remains horizontal for a specified period of time. This safety feature can prevent overheating if you forget to turn off the iron that can lead to fires.

Type of Soleplate Surface:

Soleplate surface

There are two types of sole plates on irons: Non-stick sole plates and stainless steel.

  • Non-stick sole plates are most often coated with the same non-stick surface as cookware and are the easiest to clean.
  • Stainless steel transfers heat well but may need to be scrubbed to remove built-up starch or sizing.
The choice is up to you, your budget and your attention to iron care. When both sole plates are clean, they work equally well when ironing.


There are irons with cords and cordless irons. Cordless irons work by heating the iron on a heated base (which is plugged into an electrical source). These irons will retain their heat levels for about five minutes and then must be returned to the heated base for reheating. A cordless iron is the easier to use thanks to freedom of movement and no cord helps prevent the re wrinkling of fabrics. Corded irons are usually less expensive to purchase. Look for one with an extra long cord for convenience. It is also helpful to have a reversible or pivoting cord that reduces stress on the interior wires and allows left- and right-handers to use it comfortably – no excuses!


Depending on where you like to pump iron – the gym or the laundry room – irons can weight between one and a half to three pounds. A heavier iron will cover a greater pressing area but a light-weight iron performs well enough for light or infrequent sessions.


The price of irons can vary from less than ₹ 500 for a basic model to several ₹ 3500 for top-of-the-line cordless steam iron. You can choose as per your budget and now a days Online Purchase gives you the many offers.


Consider this features while purchasing Clothes Iron in India, sure you will get the best one form the market, keep reading & Happy Shopping.

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