5 Bajaj Best Small Electric Kitchen appliances

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Bajaj Best kitchen appliances – Mixer Grinders

Bajaj Kitchen Appliances - Mixer Grinder

Cooking Made Easy:

The Bajaj Mixer Grinder makes the whole process of cooking very convenient. They are especially helpful when you are hard-pressed for time and yet need to cook up a succulent dish for either family or guests. The Bajaj mixer grinders do not consume much power yet are powerful in their performance. Most of these mixer grinders are compact and do not occupy much space. They are one of the most important Kitchen Appliances that make work easier for you.

The Bajaj mixer grinders are also very sturdy and have minimal slippage when the machine is in use. They have features, which ensure that the machines will not be over exerted in its application, saving a lot of money on repairs. The Bajaj mixer grinders are also able to withstand the sudden change in voltage, as is mostly the case with the erratic current supply in India.

Affordable Mixer Grinder Price: ₹ 2,400 to ₹ 9000

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Bajaj Electric Rice Cooker

Bajaj Electric Rice Cooker

Cooking Rice Made Easy with this kitchen appliances :

You cook rice every day, and a lot of cooking gas is used in the process, but with the use of rice cookers by Bajaj you can save time, kitchen space as well as cut down your expenses on cooking gas. With the Bajaj rice cooker, you can cook that perfect fluffy rice for a small or large serving easily without spending much time. This can be done without having to go through the hassles of cooking rice in a cooker or boiling it in an open vessel. Apart from regular rice, the rice cooker can also be used to make biryanis, pulao, soups and various other exquisitely cooked meals to savor your taste buds.

Affordable Electric Rice Cooker Price: ₹ 1200 to ₹ 4200

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Bajaj Electric Kettles

Bajaj electric Kettle

Many Benefits in One Electric Kettle:

If you are a tea lover, this electric tea kettle will save you the hassles of boiling water on a gas stove. You can get boiling water in no time by just plugging the kettle into the socket. The hot water kettle can also be used for a variety of purposes besides the basic purpose of boiling water. It can also be used to make noodles, boil eggs, prepare soups, etc. The Bajaj hot water kettle is one of the best electric kettles available in the market and helps you speed up a lot of kitchen activities. It also saves energy, as it utilizes only the energy required to boil water, not more than that.

Affordable Electric Kettle Price: ₹ 1200 to ₹ 3510

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Bajaj Microwave and OTG

Bajaj OTG is one of the best OTG due to its versatile packaging and functionality. Designed to take up the minimal space in the kitchen, the Bajaj OTG performs all your cooking functions with efficiency. One of the best microwave oven features is its operational simplicity. Bajaj microwave ovens are also suited for reheating and defrosting food. The microwave oven heats up the food without making it soggy and retains the original form.

Affordable Microwave & OTG Price: ₹ 3000 to ₹ 12000

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Bajaj Induction Cooktop

Bajaj Induction Cooker

Bajaj induction cooker comes with programmable temperature control where the heat levels of the induction stove can be adjusted according to your convenience and this is usually done through digital circuits. You can monitor the operations with the help of the digital timers.

Affordable kitchen appliances Induction Cooktop Price: ₹ 2800 to ₹ 3800

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