Best Water Heater list and Buying Guide 2019

With hundreds of Water heaters available in the Indian market, it is not easy to task to find a perfect heater for your need this winter. Here in this guide, we will let you know about the various options available along with key tips and hacks on how to buy the best water heater online.Winters are already upon us and we need to prepare ourselves for the season. In Winters hard to take bath with cold water, What is the best solution to take hot water bath?

Yes, Water heaters.

Using a Water heater is the most convenient way to fight the shivering cold, Don’t let the dropping temperatures haunt your everyday life. There are tonnes of Water heaters available in the market from various leading brands providing ample choice to every kind of buyer. But buying the right water heater requires some considerations to make most of your hard earned money.

First We Explain you Types of Best Water Heater:

Storage Water Heater

Best Water Heater

storage water heater is a domestic water heating appliance that uses a hot water storage tank to maximize heating capacity and provide instantaneous delivery of hot water. A single-family storage water heater offers a ready reservoir of hot water. It operates by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. To replace that hot water, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, ensuring that the tank is always full. Conventional storage water heater fuel sources include natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity.





Bajaj Best water HeaterInstant water heaters are those that have small storage capacity 3 liters or 1 liters and high heating rate 3 kW or 4.5 kW. The reason they are called “Instant Water Heater” is because due to low storage volume and high heating rate it can provide hot water almost quickly. Thankless water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water pass through a pipe into the unit. Either a gas burner or an electric element heats the water and deliver a constant supply of hot water.


Gas Water Heater

water Heater

gas water heater tank works by heating water and storing it until needed. Hot water is drawn from the top of the tank and replaced with cold water at the bottom, based on the fact that warm water rises. Cold water is supplied to the tank and injected at the bottom of the tank through a dip tube. The denser cold water stays there and is heated by the gas burner. A thankless gas water heater works when you open a hot water tap and a sensor detects the flow. The gas burner fires and the heat exchanges warms the flowing water. A gas water heater tank works by heating water and storing it until needed. Hot water is drawn from the top of the tank and replaced with cold water at the bottom, based on the fact that warm water rises. When the tank water temperature drops below the thermostat set-point, the water heater works by having the burner run until the temperature recovers to the set-point.

Features of Best Water Heaters

Brass valves

Valves is important part of Water heaters and valves can be brass or plastic. Brass valves tend to stand the test of time better than plastic valves.

Glass-lined tanks

These tanks are designed to reduce corrosion by applying a coating to the inside of the steel tank and heating that coating to create a heavy-duty protective glass-like layer.

Length of warranty

A warranty will cover your heater for 3 to 12 years. We suggest looking for the longest warranty available on a water heater.

Water Heater Tank capacity

Important feature is the tank capacity, consider the size of the tank to ensure you have a hot water supply that meets your needs.

Energy efficiency

Natural gas is more efficient and affordable than electricity, which means that running a gas water heater tends to cost less than electric. If you don’t already have a natural gas connection, gas line installation will be an additional cost, but it could save you money in the long term.

Below are the Best Water Heaters List

Bajaj Majesty PC Deluxe Storage 10 Ltr Vertical Water Heater, Multicolor, 3 Star
Bajaj Calenta Mechanical 25 L Vertical Storage Water Heater
Morphy Richards Quente Water Heater 3 Litre- 4.5 KW
Morphy Richards Salvo- 25 Ltr Water Heater
Morphy Richards Lavo EM Water Heater 06 Ltrs
Racold water heater PRONTO NEO
Venus Storage Water Heater – Lyra-Nexus
Bajaj Majesty Horizontal Storage Water Heater – 15 ltr – RW


This is all about the best Water heaters for your home in winters. Get ready to fight the freezing cold by picking up one of the above-listed water heaters. All the listed heaters are from the well-known brands, so quality is completely assured. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the one as per your budget and preference.


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