Cordless vs Corded Iron – Which Is Better?

Ironing clothes is such a pain that most people will obviously look for methods to make the work easier. Some will resort to using the best wrinkle release spray. Others will switch to using a handheld fabric steamer like the Bajaj Steam Irons.

For those who are lazy enough, they might even look for an automatic ironer to help them out. The other remaining option is to try out a cordless iron. Whether it works as well as a corded model is a matter of contention. So, let’s find out the cordless vs corded iron debate in more detail below.

In actual fact, I have used both types of steam iron before. I don’t own one but my brother does. My own steam iron is a corded one. When I was visiting my brother, I had the opportunity to use one of the best cordless iron on the market which is the Bajaj Iron. But I find there are pros and cons to each and what works for one may not work well for another.

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The Pros And Cons Of Cordless vs Corded Iron

Cordless Iron

The good things about a cordless iron are:

  • No cord – That means no need to keep flicking the cord away as you iron. No need to worry about the cord snagging your garment as well.
  • Easier to iron – Since there is no cord to worry about, you have greater freedom of movement which means ironing becomes a bit easier.
  • Lightweight – Generally, cordless irons are pretty light. This is both a good and bad point. It is less tiring on the arm but lightweight irons may not be as effective in getting rid of wrinkles.

The cons of a cordless iron include:

  • Not hot enough – If you are used to the best irons, you will notice that the heat is somewhat lacking for a cordless iron.
  • Poor heat retention – A cordless iron will gradually lose heat if it is not placed back on the charging base when you pause to reposition your clothes on the ironing board. In other words, it can’t retain heat for long periods for continuous ironing of large items.
  • Power source needed – The mistaken notion that you can use a cordless iron without the need for a power outlet is false. You will still need to plug the charging base into a socket and place your cordless iron onto the base to make it hot.
  • Space needed for charging base – Preferably, you will need to invest in a good quality ironing board that has enough space or holder for the charging base. Otherwise, it will take up quite a bit of room on the ironing surface itself leaving you with less space for your task.
  • Limited choice – There are not many cordless iron models on the market, unlike corded ones. Your choices are really pretty limited, especially if you are looking for cheaper units.

Corded Iron

The pros of corded steam irons are:

  • Continuous high heat – There is no worry about the iron losing heat. You can iron continuously without needing to stop to get the soleplate back to the required temperature.
  • High steam output – The best steam iron can provide an abundance of steam to erase wrinkles quickly and easily.
  • Plenty of models – From cheap to expensive, there are plenty of choices at different price points to suit all budgets.

The cons are:

  • Cord gets in the way – This is also the reason why there is a demand for cordless irons. The cord can tug and snag the garment that you are ironing which can be frustrating.
  • Cord becomes frayed – Over time, the cord may fray and cables become exposed. The point where it connects to the iron is also its weak spot as the cord may bend as you rest the iron on its heel.
  • Difficult to store – Unless you get a retractable cord iron, storage is a hassle for corded units.

Which Is A Better Choice?

Personally, I prefer a corded iron. I don’t use the iron holder on my ironing board as I always have this fear that it is not secure. So, to leave a charging base and the iron sitting on the holder is definitely out of the question for me. But to leave it on the ironing board itself would take up too much space. Hence, a cordless iron isn’t exactly the right choice for me.

But if you have an iron holder that you can make use of, then perhaps it is a different story. Then, it is a question of whether you need continuous high heat for ironing and how hot do you like your iron to be. If you like super hot steam irons, then you had better stick to the corded models. But if you don’t mind slightly lower temperature with moderate steam output, then you can give a cordless iron a try.

Similarly, if you usually iron only shirts and pants, then a cordless iron will work fine because you can place the iron back on the base to maintain heat when you stop to reposition your clothes. But if you tend to iron curtains or sheets whereby continuous high heat is preferable, you may want to use back a corded iron.

In short, the verdict of the cordless vs corded iron debate really rests on your personal habits and preference. It is definitely easier and freer to iron with a cordless unit but you would also have to consider other factors like what you are ironing and the heat level required before you make a switch.

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