Different Types of Room Heaters In India You Can Buy

Room heaters are important electric piece of equipment for individuals who stay in the colder sections of the globe and likewise for others who encounter frosty wintry weather.  Not only do electric heater maintain homes and rooms warm but also intimate. If you are considering for a room heater then you may unquestionably be spoilt for choosing one since there is no shortage of the varieties, prices, colors and types of room heaters obtainable.

What features to look out for in a room heater?

Number of heating elements – The more heating elements, the better in this case. They will be capable to heat your room quicker.

Watt – A strong and larger heater will need more watt as compared to the smaller ones. Do not be deceived by fake products declaring to be low on energy consumption and not having energy ratings.

Temperature Settings – Stay away from purchasing a room heater that has only one or two options for heat settings. Check out different heat settings to find out which one is suitable for your room.

Power Cut Feature – It is all the time better to go for the room heaters that spontaneously turn out the power when the required temperature is attained. They conserve the energy bill and are safer.

Light – If you are going for a radiant heater, make sure that it is not very bright to interrupt your sleep.

Portability – Make sure that the model you are purchasing is handy so that you can effortlessly hold it to the room wherever you sit.

Safety Grill – If you have children or pets at home, make sure that the heater has an additional protection grill that encompasses the heating element on the outside.

The following given list showcase some of the main types of room heaters that you can select from centered on your prerequisite and preferences.

1. Convection Types of Room Heaters

Convection type room heater

Convection heaters are those which are packed with heat transfer lubricant to emit the heat from the outer surface area. The heat can be controlled all through the thermostat. The greatest thing about them is that they are low maintenance and do not require to be washed on a regular basis as well.  In fact, they never need to be replenished and this too is a plus point about them.  They are fantastic for bedrooms but if you are considering for a heater that instantly heats up the space, then you must not prefer Convection types of room heaters as their effect applies gradually.

2. Ceramic Fan Forced Heaters

Amongst the various types of room heaters, one is ceramic fan forced heaters. These are adaptable and some alternatives that they provide you with include oscillation, remote control, numerous fan settings and digital thermostats etc. These heaters are perfect not just for bedrooms but also offices, dining rooms and bigger rooms like living rooms as well.  They prove to be a safe and sound alternative where children and pets are present because they are not dangerous to touch in contrast with convection heaters.

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3. Infrared and Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are those who deliver immediate warmth, thanks to the infrared rays.  They are ideal for those who need immediate and swift heat since they offer direct heat.  They are extremely power efficient and still quiet in their working.  Some of them are made using timber cabinets and therefore they seem like wooden furniture instead of an appliance, thus turn out to be appropriate for dining areas and living rooms.


4. Micathermic Panel Type Room Heaters

These types of room heaters are distinctive in the sense that they are hybrid in kind. They distribute 80% convection heat and 20% direct radiant heat.  They are exceptionally lightweight and some of the versions are wall mountable as well.  They are quiet in their working and do not produce any light.  But keep in mind that they are hot to come into contact with and therefore not advised for those who have kids and pets at home.

So now that you know the distinct types of room heaters, you can easily pick a variety for yourself based on your liking. Nevertheless, it is essential to preserve and take care of every room heater that you purchase to avoid heater troubles. If you confront any heater associated problem such as room heater or blower not working, you can contact your nearest service center.



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