Best Geyser Water Heater in India 2019

Are you looking forward to buying a geyser water heater? Do you feel confused while selecting one for yourself?

Well! If yes, then here is the complete guide for you along with the list of the best geyser water heater in India.

I know how hard it is to take a morning shower during the winter season with cold water. There is a simple solution to your problem. Install the correct water heater and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Further, I suggest you go through the buying guide to understand the device well. This will help you in choosing the best water heater for yourself.



The most crucial factor to consider before buying a geyser is to know about the purpose of buying it. For say: If you want to use for dishwashing or hand washing, then you should opt for a small water heater whereas bigger size geysers are suitable for bathrooms.

Thus, it is always essential for you to understand your requirements as it will help you in choosing the best water heater. A few questions you can ask yourself before proceeding are:

a) Do you want the geyser to be compatible with the showers?

b) Are you buying the water heater to wash kitchen utensils?

c) Do you want to connect the heater with the normal tap in your bathroom?

Remember, the more you question yourself, the more it will become easy for you to know your requirements.


Another crucial factor to consider is the storage space the geyser has. If you are looking for a geyser for a bigger family, then you must look out for a water heater with a good storage capacity of 10-12L.

However, for a small family of 2-3 people, a geyser with 5-8L is sufficient.


The water heater is divided into two different types- electric as well as gas. Now, let us go into details:

a) Electric Water Heater

The geyser that consumes electricity to operate is the electric water heater. These are further classified into two different types depending on the functionality or speed of operation.

1. Instant Geysers

The instant geysers take less space for mounting and have no storage space. It can have a maximum capacity of 10 litres. You can get hot water service immediately whenever you need.

I suggest it for washing hand or dishwashing.

2. Storage Geysers

The storage water heaters usually need more space for wall mounting and have a storage tank. It can store a maximum of 35 litres. However, you need to wait for at least 5 minutes to heat the water. It is great for showering and bathing.

b) Gas Water Heater

The water heater that consumes natural gas to function is known as the gas water heater. They have lesser maintenance costs than electric heaters.

However, the biggest concern is about the safety factor due to low-quality built-up materials. They hardly last for 6-7 years.


In a water heater, there are two different types of readings available: the bathing temperature and the thermostat temperature. Usually, the bathing temperature is lower than the thermostat temperature.

It happens because we mix cold water to the bath as we can’t take a shower on fully hot water. The ideal temperature to take a shower is around 36 degrees, whereas the thermostat one is 60 degrees.


Power consumption is the electric power that a water heater consumes. It is denoted in Watts. Although this isn’t a significant factor to consider, you can’t avoid it as well.

The electricity consumption depends on certain factors such as the temperature of the thermostat and the water, hot water volume, and standing loss. Using water at a higher temperature will consume more electricity.

The amount of heat loss is known as the standing loss. The BEE energy star rating denotes it.


One of the most critical factors, according to me, is to know the types of water- hard or soft. Usually, hard water decreases the lifespan as well as the performance of the water heater.

Thus, if you have hard water, you should opt for geyser with corrosion resistant water tank. These are usually made up of steel, copper, etc.

For people living in an area with soft water are lucky enough. You can opt for any of the basic models as it is easy to convert soft water to hot.


In unpleasant conditions, the ability to withstand and perform efficiently is related to the durability of the product. The more durable the product is, the better performance it will give.

On the other hand, you need to maintain the water heater according to the usage. Proper maintenance will make sure the product stay in an excellent working condition.


I have always seen the tendency of people to avoid watching the warranty period of the product they are buying. However, it is very much crucial to see the given warranty period to use it without any issues.

Usually, a high-end geyser comes with 4 to 5 years of warranty on the tank and 2-3 years on the body or other accessories. Remember, it is a one-time investment and thus, choose wisely.


And last but not least is to look for the budget. Although it comes at the last, you can’t simply deny the importance of it.

You must decide a budget on your mind and then look for geysers within the same budget with all the requirements you have. If you have a low budget, opt for basic level models.

Otherwise, you can go with a high-end water heater.



The V-Guard Victo 15 Litres Storage Water Heater is the best geyser water heater in India.


1. It is energy efficient.

2. The maintenance is low.

3. It comes with two years of the warranty period.

4. It has a thermal cutoff feature.

5. The product is made up of premium quality material.

6. It has BEE 5 star rating

7. It comes with a four-layer security system.

8. The product has a temperature control knob.


1. My top pick water heater is from a very reputed brand, V-Guard. It is one of the trusted brands in India that is known for manufacturing high-quality electrical appliances.

2. The V-Guard Victo geyser comes along with a vast storage capacity of 15 litres. It has good quality built-up material. The storage space is sufficient for a large or medium size family.

3. This water heater is made up of premium quality steel material, which is further coated with an anti-corrosive powder. This enhances the longevity of the product.

4. To enhance the durability of the inner tank, it is made up of thick gauge steel along with premium glass coating. This is further coated with single line welding technology.

5. To decrease the energy loss and retain heat, the tank has a PUF insulation. The water heater further has a BEE 5 star rating.

6. I was pretty happy seeing how it heats up the water within a few minutes. Storing water wasn’t a big issue. The maintenance was also low and is ideal for hard water too.


1. It may not withstand high pressure.



The AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre Storage Water Heater is number 2 on the list.


1. The storage capacity is decent.

2. It consumes 2000 watts of power.

3. There is a safety valve feature along with a thermal cutout.

4. It has Blue Diamond technology.

5. It comes with two years warranty on the product.

6. This is great for hard water.

7. The product is corrosion free.


1. The AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater comes along with a pretty decent storage capacity of 15 litres. It is right for a medium size family.

2. This product has a fantastic design and comes from a reputed brand of AO Smith. Thus, you can rely on this product. It makes it convenient to use and is a perfect geyser for daily use.

3. What I like more is that the geyser comes along with all the advanced technologies. This protects the heater against any working issues. The power consumption is around 2000 watts.

4. It has Blue Diamond glass lined tank to offer ultimate protection against corrosion and hard water-related issues. Thus, this product can work great in areas with hard water.

5. The product is suitable for high rise apartments because of the 8 bar rated water pressure. It is energy saving geyser as well due to the BEE 5 star rating it has.

6. Furthermore, the product comes along with seven years of warranty on the tank, four years on the heating element, and two years on the overall product. I found it to be pretty decent at the price you are paying.


1. Installation charges are applicable.

2. After sales service isn’t good.


The AO Smith HSE-VAS-015 15-Litre Storage Water Heater is number 3 on the list.


1. It has 15 litres of storage space.

2. There is a Blue Diamond technology.

3. The power consumption is around 2000 watts.

4. There is a temperature control knob.

5. It has a thermal cutout.

6. It has two years of the warranty period.


1. The AO Smith HSE-VAS-015 is yet another excellent water heater from the reputed brand of AO Smith. You can have complete faith in this product.

2. The product further comes along with a Blue Diamond glass lined tank, which is excellent for enhancing the durability of the inner tank. It has a temperature control knob which allows you to control the temperature between 25-degree Celsius to 75-degree Celsius.

3. The water heater has a heating element with a glass coating. It prevents any scale formation and thus, increases the heating element life.

4. Furthermore, the geyser has an anode rod which is made up of stainless steel to protect from corrosion. It works with a cathodic action to fight against all the corrosive elements. This way, it increases the life of the geyser.

5. There is a safety valve present within the water heater to release the water and pressure automatically in case of overshoots. The thermal cutout feature helps to cut off the power in case the temperature exceeds.


1. Indicator lights are dim.



The Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Storage Water Heater is number 4 on the list.


1. The storage capacity is enormous and is of 25 litres.

2. It consumes 2000 Watts of power.

3. It is coated with anti-corrosion powder.

4. This has a glass line inner tank.

5. The tank has PUF insulation.

6. It comes with two years of the warranty period.


1. My next product in the list of the best water heater in India is none other from a very famous brand of Bajaj. It is known for manufacturing some of the best appliances. Thus, you can entirely rely on the product.

2. The Bajaj New Shakti GL water heater comes along with a storage capacity of 25 litres. It is huge! Isn’t it? I find it is excellent for large families.

3. This geyser comes along with a glass lined tank. It prevents your water heater from accumulating limescale within the tank. The product further has an anode rod, which is magnesium coated. This prevents corrosion and as well as water leakage.

4. The product has an Incoloy heating element which enhances the durability of the device. I suggest you opt for this water heater if you have high water pressure.

5. What I like more about the geyser is that it has ample safety measure. It protects the water from dry heating or overheating. It is meant to tackle excessive water pressure as well. This water heater is heat resistant and comes with a 5-star BEE rating.

6. The best part about the product is that it can fit into any space be it the kitchen, laundry, or even bathroom. It can easily be wall mounted and has rust protection.


1. The temperature monitor isn’t perfect.

2. The packaging doesn’t have pipes.



The Racold Pronto Neo 3 L Instant Water Heater is number 5 on the list.


1. It has advanced safety features.

2. The product is suitable for individual and kitchen use.

3. It has an automatic power cut option.

4. The product has an attractive look.

5. It is an instant heater with 3 litres of storage capacity.


1. The Racold Pronto Neo geyser can be an excellent choice for the ones looking for a water heater for regular use. It is a good option for your kitchen, washing hands, and bathroom for single use as well.

2. This water heater comes along with 3 litres of storage capacity. It is sufficient for storing water and heating it. This delivers excellent quality water, and thus, you can rely on this.

3. The product comes along with a fantastic design and compact look. I look at how it comes with an elegant outer body. The built material is of good quality, and at this price point, you will not get such an amazing look water heater.

4. The product further is corrosion as well as rust proof. Thus, it is reliable. And with the innovative technology, you will get hot water within a few minutes.

5. To control dry heating, this product comes along with the anti-siphoning system. Moreover, there is auto cut off option to control the power supplies while in an emergency.


1. It is not ideal for a large family.



The Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Storage Water Heater is number 6 on the list.


1. The storage space is 15 litres.

2. The product consumes 2000 watts.

3. The product comes with a glass line inner tank.

4. It has PUF insulation.

5. The body is rust and corrosion free.

6. It comes along with two years of the warranty period.


1. The Bajaj New Shakti GL water heater is yet another amazing product from the brand Bajaj. You can entirely rely on this water heater. The product is capable of heating water according to the user’s need.

2. This product comes along with 15 litres of huge storage capacity. It is great for a medium size Indian family. I would suggest a family with 4-6 members to opt for this water heater.

3. Furthermore, the product comes along with an inner tank, which is a glass line coated. This prevents any rust and makes the product corrosion free.

4. The product further has fire resistant cables which enhance the security of the product. It protects the device from electric shocks as well as overheating.

5. If you have pressure pumps along with high-pressure water, then this water heater is an ideal choice for you. Combining all the advanced features and classic design, this product makes a perfect buy.


1. Installation can be a big deal.

2. No accessories come along with the product.



Now that you are aware of the best water heater in India, I am sure you can select one for yourself.

In today’s world, every individual needs a geyser to have a relaxing shower. Choosing a geyser can be difficult due to so many options already available in the market.

However, if you are still confused, I would suggest you opt for any one of the products mentioned above as all are of premium quality to meet your expectations.

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