How To Repair Mixer Grinder yourself at Home

Mixer Grinder Repairing Guide

An Electric Mixer – Grinder is the most useful and vital part of the kitchen. It helps you in your daily food preparation process and it saves your time as well if the problems occur in the mixer grinder? It takes your lots of time to resolve it from an outside source.

This Mixer – Grinder repair Guide helps you to resolve your problems and you can easily repair it yourself at home within a short time.

The following are some of the major & most common problems with Mixer Grinder and their solutions:

1.Slow-moving blades


In many cases, it seems that most of the time Mixer-Grinder slow-moving blades give a lot of trouble to get mixed or churned foods and liquids. In most of the case, this problem comes due to clogging of food particles in the blade assembly.
You can very easily solve this problem. You just have to disassemble the blade assembly and soak the parts in soapy water which is slightly warmed for another half an hour. Then Scrub the parts properly and reassemble them all. And check with Mixer-Grinder whether the blades moving faster now.

2. Mixer Grinder motor coupler is broken

Mixer Grinder Motor coupler also a sensitive part. Most of the time mixer blade not working could be a broken motor coupler. Possibility of this cause be poor quality material of the coupler, overloading or appliance is used for a long time. On this better solution is that replaced the motor coupler. Choose the best mixer grinder motor coupler from the market, check once before fix it.

3.Mixer Grinder Internal wiring damage

In many cases, the mixer blade is not moving due to internal wiring damage issues. Some wiring issues also occur due to the wrong operating of the Mixer Grinder or electricity voltage problems. To solve this problem, It is to inspect the wires and see which one has gone faulty. Easily you can understand which wire is damage, even if you are not sure how to do this, it is better to contact a professional.

4. Mixer Grinder Bearing issues

The common issue of the mixer blade not moving because of the bearing. What happens is that water as well as salty liquids tend to leak in through the mechanism of coupling and can thus reach into the bearings of the blades of your mixer.  This salty water tends to corrode the metallic bearings and can damage them to a point where the blade is unable to rotate.

Solution for this what you can do is that you can turn the mixer blades in the opposite direction manually a few times. If this doesn’t help, then drop in a few drops of coconut or mustard oil on the coupling mechanism.  Put the jar upside down. Attach it to the motor unit and give it a test run again. If it rotates without any problems or glitches, then the problem has been resolved.

Spare Parts

Choose the best Spare Parts from the market that you have to replace your mixer grinder damaged parts. Replaced the old damaged part with the new one trusted and good quality part so your mixer life will be great and it will not give you trouble at any time.

For any kind of Mixer Grinder Spare Part Purchase Click Here. And always purchased the right Mixer Grinder from the market for long term use. For purchasing a new Mixer Grinder for your kitchen few things to check Wattage, Speed, Jar, Blades & Brand.

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I hope, this article may help you to take care of your Mixer Grinder.




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