Online Room Heater Buying Guide for Winter 2019

Thousands of Online Room Heater available in Indian market, for this winter which one is suits for your need and room. In this post we will help on the same. Room Heater is the protector during the chilling winter season. The amount of heat emitted by a room heater depends upon its wattage. If the wattage is less, the amount of heat emitted by the room heater is less and vice versa. But if the wattage increases the electricity consumption also increases. This means the more heat you require, the more electricity is consumed. The best solution for this is to buy an adjustable wattage room heater.

There are three types of Online Room Heater popular in the market and they have their own features & specifications

Oil-filled Room heaters:

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Oil-filled heaters use the oil that is to be poured in the heating elements to warm up the surrounding area. It covers a large area or large room size area. This kind of room heater is noiseless operation and highly efficient room heaters. It takes a long time to warmness and expensive. Acts as a heat reservoir as it does not cool down immediately. It does not burn oxygen or reduces humidity and Does not cause any type of suffocation.

Infrared Room Heaters:

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Infrared heaters are designed to be room, zone, or space heaters. Though some may boast a capacity to heat a larger area, an infrared heater should not be used as a home’s sole heating unit, but as a supplemental heater to your central heating furnace or system. These room heaters are also known as radiant heaters or quartz heaters. It works on infrared technology to produce warmness around you. It comes with a quartz tube or ribbon filament that transfers heat directly to you, as soon as you switch on the device. But these room heaters are ideal for small rooms only. These units offer the quick heating, but the major drawback is that the heats get dissipated soon after you switch off the device. Functioning very smoothly and silently, quick and instant heating as well as consumes less power.

Blower Room Heaters:

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Also known as ceramic heaters, convection room heaters, and blower room heaters, these are the ideal choice if you want something in the budget. These room heaters come with a fan over a heating element to circulate warm air in the room. With the advanced thermostat switches, you can easily turn it on/off, when the desired level of temperature has reached. Also, the best part is its fan that you can even use in the summers to get cold air.


Key Features to Consider When Purchasing Online Room Heater:

Timers: It Allow you to set heater turn on and turn off times. This helps you save energy and also is very convenient.

Wattage: Wattage of a room heater defines the area it can heat and how much area they covers. High wattage indicates large area heating capacity.

Portability: Providing mobility wheels or handles make transporting your room heater a breeze. Portable room heaters are appropriate for use at different places very easily.

Automatic oscillation: It helps to evenly distribute the heat in room. This feature is most common in fan heaters where oscillation spreads hot air across the room.

Multiple heat setting : It gives you more control to heat different sized spaces. Multiple heating settings also add to the functionality as the heater can be used in variable temperatures conditions.

Safety Settings: Overheat protection switch is a must-have feature to keep the internal components at a safe temperature. Heater automatically shuts off after reaching a predetermined temperature.

Light Levels: A heaters may emit bright light which can cause discomfort during night hours. Look out for the level of light emitted by the unit.

Safety Mesh: Most heaters come with a safety mesh in the front. Check whether the slats are close enough for safe usage with children and pets in the room.

Type of Plug: Check whether the heater uses a standard or power plug. For safe operation, additional wiring may be required with a power plug.

Advance Online Room heater features:

  • Room heater automatic shut off feature provides automatic overheat protection. When the heater temperature reaches a threshold level the heater automatically shut itself.
  • Room heater thermostat offers precise temperature control. Thermostat temperature knob enables you to controls you can choose how warm to keep the room.
  • Room heater timer, lets you set the heater to turn on or off at a predetermined time.
  • Multiple heat settings help you to set the settings like low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The settings directly alters the wattage.


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