Which Type of Water Heater is Best: Storage or Instant Geysers

Geysers are essential home appliances that are used to heat water. These days if you go to a marketplace in search of a storage or instant geyser even look for them online, you will be flooded with choices. But the main decision you will have to take is the kind of geyser you want to buy. Broadly, there are two types of geysers, – Instant Geyser or Storage geyser.

Whether you are getting a new house or planning on remodeling your old one, choosing the type of geyser that would be perfect for you depends on several factors like, the temperature in your city, your budget, space availability and the number of persons in your household.

Imagine standing under a shower of hot water in winter with your head full of lather, and suddenly the water starts turning cold! Well, this can happen if you choose the wrong kind of geyser. So, picking the right one between instant geyser and storage geyser is important

How Does an Instant Geyser Work

All Water heaters use energy (generally electricity or combustible natural gas) and convert it into heat. It then transfers the heat into water, thus making it hot.

The Tankless water heater is the new buzz in India. It was invented decades ago, but it isn’t as popular in India yet. It is a more energy-efficient option over the traditional geysers and has the capacity to produce and supply an endless amount of hot water on demand. So, how does a tankless geyser work?

How water heater works

First thing first, all instant water heaters need a certain amount of flow rate to activate its heating unit. Most instant geysers work on a minimum flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. However, there are some models available that can work with a flow rate as low as 0.26 GPM.

When you turn on a hot water faucet, cold water enters the tankless geyser through the inlet pipe. Once the system senses enough flow of water, it activates its heating unit, which rapidly heats the heat exchanger as the water runs through it. This heated up water then goes into the outlet pipe, which is connected to the hot water faucet. Once you shut off the tap, an instant geyser will no longer continue to heat water. It will go into a standby mode and will only start operating again if you re-open the faucet.


  • Continuous Supply of Hot Water

In today’s world, people do not have time. To wait for a storage geyser to heat the water can be a major bummer. Instant geysers can give you hot water with a matter of seconds. It will continue to supply hot water as long as you have the faucet on.

  • Less Power Consumption

It is true that the power consumption per minute of an instant geyser is more than the traditional type. But you must consider that it only heats water for the time you have the faucet on, which ultimately saves power.

  • Takes Lesser Space

If you do not have much space to dedicate to a storage type geyser, then the tankless water heater is definitely your thing. These units come in compact sizes and can fit in limited space.

  • Durable

These types of water heaters are very durable. On average, the life of a tankless geyser is around 15 to 20 years. You can add a couple more years to the unit if it is powered by gas.

  • Low Budget 

Instant water heater price is very low as compare with the storage water heater.


  • More Initial Cost

An instant geyser has a huge initial cost. It has a lot of advantages, but all good things come at a certain price. So, this might not be the best option for people who have a tight budget.

  • Complex Installation

The installation process of a tankless geyser isn’t the easiest. You will have to make special kind of drills and would need accessories for its installation. If you are switching from storage geyser to instant geyser, the entire process will be lengthier. You will most certainly need the help of a professional, which will add up to its total cost.

  • High Maintenance

No doubt tankless geysers have a longer life expectancy, but for it to function at its best, you will have to maintain it, which includes annual servicing.

  • Requires a Certain Water Flow Rate to Function
    Most models function only when the water flow per minute is at least 0.5 gallons. Many work with a flow rate of 0.26 GPM. In case the water flow is lesser, this type of geyser will not heat water.
  • Temperature Sensitive

Instant water geysers are perfect for tropical and temperate climates. But if you reside in one of the colder states in India, where winter is harsh, do know that the instant water heater has its limitations .

  • First: If the water temperature drops below 4 degree Celsius, the flow rate will decrease as the water will tend to freeze. And an instant geyser has trouble working with a low flow rate.
  • Second: To raise the temperatureof water to 40 degrees, which is at 15 degrees, this type of geyser will take a minute. And it will require about 2 minutes to heat it to a temperature of 60 degrees. However, in case the temperature of the water is 20 degrees or above, this type of geysers will do its job in a matter of seconds.
  • Third: If the geyser is connected to a number of water outlets, the heat distribution might not be even. The water running through one faucet might get a little colder than the other.

How Does Storage Geyser Work

A storage water geyser has an inlet, by which it draws cold water into the tank. It uses an outlet which is connected to faucets and showers to give out hot water. Very much like instant geysers, it uses either electricity or gas to heat the water in its reservoir.

A storage water heater has enough storage space to reserve hot water that one can use later. It has insulated walls, which does not let the heat to evade. However, the quality of the insulation decides how long the water will remain hot once you have turned the switch the geyser off.

Water Heater Diagram

It is a known fact to all that storage geysers have a certain capacity, and it takes time for it to heat water. So, if you are planning to buy this kind of water heater, you should consider the number of members in the house. If you are a bachelor or live with your partner, a tank of 20 to 30 gallons will suffice the water requirement for 2people. If you have 3 members in your family, consider going a step ahead and buy a geyser which has the capacity of 40 gallons. A family consisting of more than 4 or 5 members should opt for a storage capacity of 50 gallons.


  • Inexpensive

One of the most influencing factors while buying anything is our budget. Storage geysers are pretty budget-friendly. You can easily spot a decent water heater with good storage capacity at a reasonable price. Though the ones that run on natural gas tend to come at a higher cost, still they are pretty affordable.

  • Can Store Hot Water

Imagine running out of gas, or there is a sudden power-cut in your area while you are in the shower. The storage geyser can still give you a few gallons of water in those scenarios. With this type of water heater, your need for hot water will not always be determined by the availability of power.

  • Easy to Install

Installation is one thing that bothers us after we purchase an appliance. A complex installation process can be a major turn off. The storage water heater is pretty easy to install. You will not have to toil much or incur heavy expenditure for setting this type of geysers up.


  • Requires More Space

Storage geysers require a lot of space. It will take up a considerable bit of space in your bathroom. In case you have a shorter availability of space, settling for a storage water geyser isn’t the best idea.

  • Water Loses Heat Over Time

The purpose of a storage water heater is to store water while keeping it hot. Even though these geysers come with heavily insulated walls, the water in it tends to lose heat as hours pass. It will have to frequently reheat the water to maintain its temperature.

  • More Utility Cost

As the storage geysers need to heat and then again re-heat water, it tends to consume more energy. Hence the operating cost is more.

  • Limited Hot Water Storage

Storage water geysers have a limited capacity to supply hot water. It takes a considerable amount of time to heat water, and in case you happen to run out of heated water in the middle of taking a shower, you might have to wait for quite a long time to for the fresh supply of hot water to hit the tap or shiver as you continue to take shower in cold water.


With this we have come to the end of our guide. In our opinion as you can clearly see, storage geysers are time tested. They have their limitations, but they guarantee a certain amount of water. The Instant geyser is definitely an advancement on the storage geyser in terms of luxury, convenience and energy saving. Tankless water heater is perhaps the more upgraded and better option for anyone to buy if the person is not limited by specific weather condition or budget. and you can also check Top 5 Geyser Water Heater in India 2019


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