15 Litre Storage Water Heater Below 8000 Rupees

Desi MNC Brand Crompton Greaves is another brand that has acquired a good place in the market of home appliances. It is known for offering durable products at affordable prices. The Crompton Greaves Solarium DLX SWH815 is available in the market in multiple variants. We are here to discuss the 15-liter variant of this product that comes at the price of 6,770 rupees. This water heater not only looks attractive but also offers excellent performance. Read also 7 Best Geyser Water Heaters In India 2019

Ultramodern Design: The outer shell of this water heater offers a modern finish and it will enhance the beauty of all types of bathrooms. Its minimalistic design gives nice appeal to the eyes. The control knob is located at the bottom and is not easily visible, which provides a sleek look to the outer shell. You get the option to choose from two color variants including Ivory and White.

The outer shell is made of a high-quality plastic, which is durable as well as sturdy. The water storage tank has the capacity to hold about 15 liters of water at once. Further, it is coated with a special kind of Nano Polymer for corrosion-free performance. Underneath the Nano Coating is a stainless steel surface that does not catch rust easily.

Installation of this storage water heater is A Bit Tricky

You will have to put extra money to get this geyser installed. The worst thing is Crompton Greaves does not provide installation service. Moreover, users will not find all the necessary installation parts in the box.

According to our research these extra parts will cost you around 700 – 1000 rupees. The installation cost will increase even more when plumber charge is added. This is really a bad thing. Almost every other manufacturer in the market offers free installation service. Crompton Greaves should understand that customer happiness and business growth are both correlated.

Moreover, the installation setup occupies a considerable space. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase this product only if you have enough room in the bathroom.

High Performance:

 The end users would certainly get impressed with the performance of this water heater. It heats up water within a matter of few minutes. The coil that the manufacturer has used runs at 2000 Watts, which is impressive. Its heating system is so effective and powerful that you will not have to use the machine at highest settings.

Another interesting thing is that the stored water remains hot for a much long time. It’s rated pressure of eight bars seems enough for a regular use. If you want a high flow of water, then be sure to install the geyser at a good height.

Crompton Greaves has made this Geyser Power Efficient

You should not get yourself fooled by the specification that the manufacturer lists on its website. It is actually a four star rated product (not 5 star). Although this device requires 2000 Watts of electricity to work but its power consumption is much low than other alternatives available in the market. Using a special power saving technology, it consumes 50 percent less electricity. Its inbuilt cutoff system works perfectly and helps in saving more money on power bill.


  • Looks attractive
  • Plastic body offers rust-free performance
  • Storage tank comes coated with Nano Polymer
  • Features a temperature control knob
  • Heats up water within no time


  • Installation service is not provided
  • Consumes a good amount of space

Verdict: It is a perfect water heating solution to go with if your budget is limited. High-quality materials make this geyser durable. It takes much less time to heat up the water and consumes 50 percent less power. However, the customers will suffer a lot during the installation procedure.

Tank Capacity 15 Liter
Storage Tank Coating Nano Polymer
Power Consumption 2000 Watts
Rated Pressure 8 Bar
Installation Vertical
Dimensions 530 X 330 X 290 mm
Weight 12 KG
Price 7500 Rupees


15 Litre Vertical Water Heater Bajaj New Shakti

The month of December generally marks the peak of the winter season. Water coming directly from a storage tank already gives chills while washing hands. People suffer the most when they go to take a shower. Chilling water makes you feel like the bathroom has shifted to the North Pole. However, the good thing is you are not empty-handed. There are many ways to tackle the problem of cold water and the best would be purchasing a water heater.

Bajaj is regarded as the favorite brand of many Indians when it comes to buying home appliances. This is why I am going to review one of the best selling water heaters offered by this brand.

The Bajaj New Shakti 15 Water Heater is currently available in the market for a price of 7755 rupees. On paper, this product seems to be offering great features. It also has a 4-star rating. However, when my team did research on this product, the actual performance of this water heater was much different than it was promised on the spec sheet. We even interviewed some customers who are already using this product and most of them are not happy with it.

In a Compact Design This Geyser Fit for Small Bathroom

The only thing in favor of this geyser is its design. It does not take huge space on the wall, so you will be able to install it at any place in the house, be it a bathroom or kitchen. Another impressive thing is that the whole setup weighs just 8KG, which means it will not put much pressure on the wall. The product comes painted in white color with engraved design on the outer shell. It stores 15 liters of water at once that should be enough for a small family of 3-4 members.

Bajaj New Shakti 15 Litre vertical water heater

The temperature control knob has been positioned at the very bottom for easy accessibility. To help the users, Bajaj has also labeled the knob with temperature settings. The LED notification panel informs the users whether the heater is working or not. Moreover, it is a vertical water heater, which means you can expect good pressure from the tap.

Takes Time to Heat up The Water: Although this water heater is rated at 2000 Watts but it is much slower when it comes to heating water. In our test, the product took about 20 minutes to heat up water at medium settings. The time taken to heat up the water will increase even more when you will use it at the highest settings available.

This Bajaj Water Heater has excellent Online ratings

Some of the customers we interviewed were unhappy because they had ordered this water heater considering it as a 5-star energy rated product when in reality it has got an energy efficiency rating of 4 stars. This problem came into existence when some of the online sellers listed it as a 5-star product. Now they have corrected their specification list.

Poor Insulation: The inner surface of the storage tank is coated with glass to prevent it from being corroded. However, this glass coating does a poor job of insulation. The water stored inside does not remain hot for a long time, which will ultimately result in an increased power bill as you will have to heat up the water again.


  • Does not take a lot of space
  • Corrosion-free performance
  • 4 Star energy rating
  • LED notification light
  • Control knob comes with easy to understand labels
  • Free installation (for some areas only)


  • Poor performance
  • Insulation is not good

Verdict: Bajaj has done a poor job on this water heater. I will hardly recommend this water heater to anyone. There are better alternatives available in the market.

Tank Capacity 15 Liter
Storage Tank Coating Glass
Power Consumption 2000 Watts
Rated Pressure 0.7 MPA
Installation Vertical
Dimensions 475 X 303 X 343 mm
Weight 8 KG
Warranty 2 Years (On Product) and 5 Years (On Tank)
Price 6500 Rupees



Here you can see the best water heater under 8,000 and both are 15 ltr storage water heater each and every detail I have mentioned here and you can choose any of these water heaters without doing any research and both geyser water heater price is very good if you compare with its features. 

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