Things You Need For A Comfortable Minimalist Kitchen (2021)

There’s a whole bunch that depends on cooking styles, whether anyone is the kind of vegetarian or kosher cook who insists on separate pots and pans for meat, whether I were trying for a “buy it for life” or zero waste approach, and whether I were trying to minimize weight or volume for an RV, among other things. If I were furnishing a smaller kitchen from scratch, here’s where I’d start.

Dishes (6 to 12 each, because things pile up, and to accommodate guests):

  • Plates (possibly two sizes)
  • Bowls
  • Mugs (fine for hot or cold drinks)
  • Forks (optional salad forks vs. dinner forks)
  • Table knives
  • Spoons (optional teaspoons versus soup spoons)
  • Chopsticks (optional)


  • Large and small skillets
  • Large and small saucepans
  • Optional double boiler or steamer inserts to fit saucepans
  • Stock pot, soup pot, or Dutch oven
  • Lids. Ideally one or both skillets could share lids with saucepans or stock pot/Dutch oven.
  • Baking sheet
  • Casserole or cake pan (I’d choose Pyrex 9×13, in the absence of other considerations)
  • Large mixing/serving bowl(s) with lids.
  • One or two each large mixing spoons (can double as serving spoons), spatulas, one-piece silicone bowl scrapers.
  • Tongs.
  • Pot holders. Some can double as trivets.
  • Coffee maker and/or tea pot of choice.


  • Selection of glass containers with snap-on lids, for packing lunches and leftovers.
  • Selection of Mason jars or saved glass jars from jam, salsa, etc., for dry goods storage, or for packing leftover soups and stews. With corresponding lids.
  • Canisters, cereal keepers, or larger jars, for storing larger volumes of flour, oatmeal, beans, or other dry goods purchased in larger volumes.


  • One chef’s knife
  • One paring knife
  • One serrated bread knife (also excellent for tomatoes)
  • Safe knife storage, such as a knife block, drawer insert, or magnet strip (prevents damage to the edge and possible injury)
  • Knife sharpener
  • Kitchen scissors/shears
  • Cutting board. Separate ones for meat versus veggies/bread.
  • Measuring cups (probably 2 cup glass liquid measure, and a basic set of stainless steel dry measures, plus stainless measuring spoons).
  • A colander.


  • Enough cloth towels and washcloths/bar wipes for multiple changes between laundry runs.
  • Dish soap.
  • Dishwasher detergent if there is a dishwasher.
  • A dish brush
  • Rubber gloves if desired
  • Dish pan, dish drainer, as needed
  • Trash can, recycle bin, compost container

What appliances have to be included in a kitchen?

10 must-have kitchen appliances:

  1. The kitchen is all about cooking. So we need an induction Stove
  2. To prevent smoke from getting within your rooms you require to exhaust the same through Chimney.
  3. To prevent perishable items from getting rotten, you must have a Refrigerator to keep the stuff cool.
  4. In order to process the ingredients and food you require Food Processor
  5. To process the stuff faster and in small quality, you must have a Hand Blender with Chopper
  6. In order to get the fresh water for cooking and drinking purposes, you must have a water purifier in place
  7. Depending on food habits, in south Indian kitchen where you often require to process a dosa mix, you require Wet Grinders, in the north and west Indian houses you require atta Chakki to process fresh atta for dough and most of the Indian houses have Rice Cookers for boiling and steam requirement
  8. For a process like grilling, heating processed food, reheating, baking, etc., you need to have either OTG or Microwave
  9. For breakfast requirements, you need to have an Electric Kettle, Coffee Maker, Sandwich maker, or Panini grill.
  10. Ultimately you require a Dishwasher to do away with your dishes or if you go for manual washing install a small instant Water Heater over the basin.

Some innovative products to grace your kitchen

  1. Induction stove/ hob/ cooking range: these are rapidly replacing the conventional gas stoves/ hobs and cooking ranges. These are smart, efficient, easy to use and maintain and saves cost.
  2. Chimneys come in many varieties as per your kitchen, usage, and cooking habits. These days you will get gas leak sensors, auto clean features and motion detectors that make it more user friendly.
  3. Food Processors: These are replacing your mixes. JMG, choppers, juicers, atta kneading appliances. A single appliance serves all the purposes. The only caution to this is preferred to buy the indigenous product since that will satisfy you more as machines are designed keeping in mind the local needs and cooking habit.
  4. Roti Maker: There is a machine in the market that will give you prepared chappatis. You just need to put flour and other ingredients in it.

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