Top 5 Geyser Water Heater in India 2019

If one is planning to buy a new geyser and is confused about how to select the best water heater in India, then this is the right article to gain knowledge about the selection of a good water geyser. One doesn’t need to be puzzled anymore about the geyser sizes and types of geyser available. Thorough research has been done in order to guide you to buy the best geyser in India.

The selection of best geyser depends on various factors like bathroom spacing, budget, where to install as well as the purpose of hot water. You should also consider other factors the purpose of the geyser (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), power consumption, size, heating capability, and aesthetics.

Types of water heaters

The following are the types of Geysers which are available in the Indian Market:

1.Electric Geysers: An electric heating element is used by the best electric Geysers for heating water. Most of the households use electric geysers as they are the best geysers for home use. They have a special feature of heating water at temperatures which are higher than gas geysers.

The cost of this geyser is not much but it has an operational cost which is higher than other types. The running cost goes down though as there is a usage of more heating elements that are efficient in doing so. It is quite easy to maintain and use them due to the simple mechanisms. Compared to gas geysers, electric geysers are safer. Electric geysers are smaller than gas geysers (it also depends on the tanks used). Hence, it easy to install them.

2.Gas Geysers: In the Indian market, gas geysers are steadily getting famous. Gases like propane gas and LPG are used by gas geysers for heating water. People who have a connection to piped gas at their homes must definitely buy the gas geysers. They also have a unique feature of heating water much faster than their electric counterparts. Also, gas geysers are quite economical for usage.

A study points out that compared to electric geysers, the gas geysers have lower operational costs. The size factor becomes the only disadvantage/flaw of the gas geyser. More space is required for the ventilation units as they are quite large. Every gas geyser requires a connection to a gas source which makes installing a gas geyser a complicated task compared to the installation of electric geysers.

After deciding the type of Geyser, one needs to consider whether to buy a geyser with a tank or without a tank.

3. Storage Geysers: All storage geysers come with a built-in tank. The tank holds the water and then, the water is heated. The water which is heated flows out through another pipe from the top. Storage Geysers have a major problem because when the water sits in the tank, it begins to lose its temperature. Storage geysers are available in different storage capacities and depend on the size of the tanks. The capacity of the tanks ranges from 1 liter to 30 liters. Based on your daily requirement you can choose the ideal storage capacity.

For larger homes, there are larger capacities available. One should choose the capacity of the water heater on the basis of the amount of water which would be needed daily. A family consisting of 3 members will require a minimum of 20 liters of hot water for bathing. A storage geyser of 25 liters would be perfect in this case. One will obviously require a large storage geyser if one uses a bathtub or a shower.

4. Tankless Geysers: Instant Water Heater is a general name given to Tankless Geysers. These geysers provide hot water in the blink of an eye. Such geysers are known for their ability to power saving. Hot water is also provided continuously by tankless geysers. No wastage of water is done by these geysers and hence, they are also efficient. One doesn’t have to face the problems of standby heat loss. For small families, Tankless water heaters are more suitable. These water heaters are used mostly for dishwashers/wash-basins. Below we have reviewed some of the best geysers in the Indian market which also includes some of the best instant water heaters in India.

Finding the Best Water Heaters in India

Now, one must have obtained knowledge about selecting the best geyser for their household. Why wait then? One should definitely consider buying a geyser now. If you are still using traditional methods like a stove to heat the water, then it is time to move on. The world is running at a high speed and you shouldn’t be left behind. There is certainly no point in wasting time by waiting for the water to heat instead of using modern technology. Geyser is a technological innovation made to save the time required for heating the water. One should be able to blend in with the modern world of technology.

Geyser is a very useful innovation. If you are looking for the best water heater in India, then one must definitely check out this list. You must be thinking of buying something new this year, it can be a new car, television, mobile or anything which provides satisfaction or saves time. So why not buy a new geyser this year? If you have decided to buy a new geyser this year, then one must consider buying the best geyser in India 2018.

Top 5 Best Geysers in India 2019

1.Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater 

One will be definitely smitten by the good looks of Bajaj Flora 3-Litre best instant geyser. This instant water heater is elegant, suitable as well as safe for the high-rise buildings. Hot water is provided instantly by the Bajaj Flora water Heater. Bajaj Flora will make one mesmerized by its elegant design. The glamour quotient of one’s bathroom will rise higher with ease. For taking a quick warm water shower, one just needs to switch on the water heater and then enjoy it!

The hot water comes out through the shower without making anyone even wait for a few minutes, it is quite fast. There is no chance of seeing corrosion specks on the Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heater. The thermoplastic outer body of this water heater is built in such a way that it would prevent any corrosion. The brand name ‘Bajaj’ has manufactured this water heater with the latest technology.

Bajaj is one of the best water geysers in India. Excellent functioning, as well as durability, is provided by the Bajaj range of geysers and water heaters. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years on this water heater. The safety of consumers is the main concern of this brand and it has worked a lot on safety. The fire retardant cable is provided with this water heater. This cable resists the spread of fire if a fire breaks up. The neon indicator indicates whether the water is heated to the desired level of temperature. There is nothing to worry about if the water heater is not able to withstand the pressure of water. The Bajaj Flora Instant water heater is able to withstand a pressure up to 8 bars.

This water heater is available in the variants of 1 liter and 3 litre. It is available in 3kW and 4.5kW rating. This Water Heater is ISI approved. The dimensions of this water heater are 41.1 x 26.7 x 26.2 cm. It weighs 3.73 Kg. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years on the product as well as a warranty of 5 years on tank.

2. V-Guard Pebble 15-Litre Water Heater 

The V-Guard Pebble is a water heater that can be called as ‘Innovation at it is aesthetic best’! For anyone, a bathroom must be a glorious personal space for relaxation. Anything which accompanies one in the bathroom must be aesthetically and ergonomically designed in order to function in a way one wishes. V-Guard Pebble is an amazing innovation. The inner tank of this specially designed water heater comes with a unique 3mm thick coating. It has been created by using EPAC (Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosion) technology. The lifespan of this Water Heater is increased as it separates the tank from any type of water and provides resistance against corrosion and rust.

The front panels of V-Guard water heater are aesthetically beautiful, interchangeable and also available in a range of six different colors. For suiting the decor of different bathroom designs, this feature has been introduced. It also allows one to customize the looks of the water heater as per one’s aesthetic needs. The V-Guard water heater is suitable for multiple-storied buildings. It can also withstand pressure up to 8 Kg/cm2. The lifespan of this water heater is extended by the sacrificial anode, superior quality Incoloy heating element as well as ABS outer body.

This water heater is a perfect one for areas that are hard water prone. Thus, this water heater is an all-rounder. The dimensions of this water heater are 49.6 x 47 x 42.2 cm. It weighs  7.7 Kg. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 7 years on the inner tank. Also, the manufacturer provides a warranty of 4 years on the heating element as well as 2 years warranty on the entire product.

3. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater 

At the end of a really long hectic day, everyone needs to refresh with a hot water bath. Especially in winter, a hot water bath freshens you up and sets you up for the rest of the day. The AO Smith water heater heats as well as stores water. This water heater has a storage capacity of 10 liters. It ensures that one gets a consistent supply of warm water when required. This water heater sports a stylish design that easily blends in with the modern bathroom. AO Smith Water Heater is durable. Blue Diamond ™  glass-lined tank comes with this water heater. One gets good value for money. Maximum protection against hard water corrosion is offered by this water heater.

The sediment build-up on the surface of the element and glass coated element scale may lead to premature failure. The glass coating in this water heater helps to prevent scale formation and thus, the life of the heating element is extended. A good protection against tank corrosion is offered by Blue Diamond ™. The life of the Water Heater is increased by the patented technology of Blue Diamond ™. The glass lining of this water heater is more water-resistant as well as stronger than any other in the whole industry. An anode rod system with a stainless steel core is present in the tank. It is designed in such a way that it stands like a protective shield for the tank against corrosive elements. For fighting against the corrosive elements, a special cathodic action is used by the system for increasing the life of the Water Heater.

The safety valve of this water heater is designed in such a way that it discharges and automatically relieves water if the temperature or pressure overshoots the preset limit. If due to some fault, the temperature of water exceeds the highest preset temperature, then there is nothing to worry about. In such a case, the neutral line, as well as the live line, is simultaneously cut off by the breaker rapidly in order to assure safety. The dimensions of this Water Heater are 52.2 x 44.8 x 36 cm. It weighs 10.4 Kg.

4. Crompton Solarium DLX IWH03PC1 3-Litre Instant Water Heater 

The Crompton Solarium DLX can be considered as the best instant water heaters in India, is engineered in such a way that it provides hot water in a flash. This water heater acts as a solution for all the purposes of water heating. The beauty of one’s modern bathroom is added by this aesthetically designed water heater. The dimensions of this water heater are 42.5 cm (Length) x 22.8 cm (Width) x 22.8 cm (Height). Its rated water pressure is 6.5 Bar. The outer body of this water heater is made up of ABS plastic. The tank contains the heat. The tank is made up of stainless steel which makes it efficient enough to multiply the performance to a larger extent.

The heating element of Crompton Solarium DLX instant Water Heater is combined with a built-in coil, which raises the temperature of the water. The heating element is made up of high-quality copper, which does not wear out if there is voltage variation or instant power cut. The lifespan of the copper coil is long and is durable. Rusting is prevented by the glass coating tank. The product is made free of abrasion by the glass coating. The geyser is made long-lasting by the high-quality coating which adds to a lower maintenance cost. The skin is secured too by the secure flow of fluid.

The thermal cut-out feature is an addition to the Crompton Geyser. This feature cuts off the power supply of this geyser if the temperature of water exceeds the highest pre-set level, in order to assure safety. The small LEDs act as thermal indicators. It notifies the user when the water is warm and ready for usage. Due to its quick performance, the light switches to green in a moment. So, one won’t have to wait for a long time. The function of discharging water and automatically relieving the pressure is carried out by Multifunctional Safety Valve in case of overshooting of pressure beyond the pre-set limits. The safety is taken care of by the fusible plug.

Crompton Solarium DLX instant water heater is definitely one of the best instant water heaters in India. Crompton is a trusted electrical brand. A wide spectrum of consumer products is manufactured as well as marketed by Crompton. The products include pumps, fans, luminaries and light sources. It also includes household appliances like mixer grinders, steam irons, and toasters. For over 20 years, Crompton has emerged as the market leader in domestic pumps, street lighting, and fans. Brand stores are being built in India by Crompton for creating awareness about its wide range of products as well as giving a more enjoyable experience if shopping to the consumer.

5. AMERICAN MICRONIC 15 Liter Imported Geyser

The AMERICAN MICRONIC 15 Liter Imported Water Heater consists of a Titanium enamel glass-lined tank. It provides maximum protection against corrosion as well as hard water. The 2mm Ultra-thick inner steel tank of this Water Heater handles pressure up to 8 bars. This Water heater can be installed in multi-story buildings.

It has 42 mm PUF insulation with a density of 35kg/m3, which saves energy. It has a SUS316L heating element which has a long life as well as high efficiency. The temperature range of American Micronic is 30-75 degrees centigrade. 230V AC, 800W/1200W/2000W is the power input of this water heater. It has a capillary thermostat and variable temperature control.

For superior resistance against corrosion, φ22x234mm Magnesium Anode is provided. For protection against over-pressure and dry heating, there are multiple safety systems. The automatic power cut off system ensures maximum power savings.IPX4 -Fire retardant cable is provided which is moisture and weatherproof.

3 pin plug is also provided along with the cable. This water heater is specially built for the conditions of Indian water. This Water Heater is ISO certified by Australia as well as CE Certified by Geperüfte Sicherheit (GS) German Certified Products and European Economic Area (EEA) for highest safety standards.

The manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years on this water heater. Having three energy-saving power modes, this is the only water heater in India with this feature. This water heater has to be installed vertically. The capacity of this water purifier is 15 liters. The dimensions of this Water Heater are 47.8 x 46 x 41.4 cm. It weighs 28.9 Kg.


So these are the top 5 geysers in India. One shouldn’t be confused about which one of them is the most perfect. All of these water heaters are the best ones and you can choose any of them as per your needs. In this modern world, everyone needs a geyser as it provides instant hot water. There is definitely no need now for heating water with traditional techniques. The world is running at a fast pace and hence, there shouldn’t be more time wasted for just heating water. Geysers have made this task quite easy. Hence, one must definitely buy a geyser

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