5 Benefits of Induction Cooking 

Induction cooking has the power to revolutionize your cooking experience. Induction technology uses magnetic currents to heat your pots and pans instead of the cooktop directly. Cooking with induction makes mealtime easier with quicker heat, precise control, and easy cleanup.

Why is induction cooking better than gas or electric?

When it comes to cooktops, gas and electric heating elements have long ruled the kitchen. Electric cooktops are typically easy to clean, while gas provides even heat across your cookware.  Induction cooktops combine the best of both worlds – they’re easier to clean than electric and provide heat that is as consistent as gas. Induction also provides unique benefits not found in any other form of cooking. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of induction cooktops.

induction cooking

What are the benefits of induction cooking?

While there are many reasons induction technology can be superior to more conventional cooking appliances, these are the four main benefits of an induction cooktop:

1. Faster Meal Prep

With induction, heat is transferred directly to your cookware, not the surface of the cooktop. This means food heats up and water boils 50% faster* on induction cooktops than electric or gas cooktops.

2. Consistent, Delicious results

With induction cooktops, you can control the temperature more precisely than gas or electric. This better temperature control delivers consistent results, reducing the risk of over or under-cooking. Constant heat delivers tasty and repeatable results every time.

3. Easy-to-clean

Much like traditional electric cooktops, induction cooktops have a smooth, glass cooktop. However, since induction burners don’t heat the cooktop’s surface, any spills, splatters, or occasional boil-overs won’t burn onto the cooktop. Almost immediately after you finish cooking, the cooktop will be cool enough to clean whatever mess is left behind quickly.

4. Always the Right Fit

Frigidaire Induction cooktops use Auto Sizing™ pan detection to place heat right where you need it. By automatically adjusting to the size of your cookware, no energy is wasted in the process.

Benefits of using an Induction cooktop 

1. Speed – The speed of cooking is the most significant selling point of this cooking appliance. It takes lesser time to cook food as it heats up faster. It also generates electromagnetic activity that heats the pan quicker. Since the pan heats up more quickly, cooking will take up to 50% lesser time.

2. Energy efficiency – Induction cookware is more energy-efficient than electric and gas in terms of the heating processes. As the heat is produced within the pan through induction, the heat quickly gets into the food. Being energy efficient will save energy consumption and reduce power bills. However, it does not create too much heat in your kitchen; thus, you won’t sweat while cooking. Since there’s no heat loss, the possibility of accidents is at bay.

3. Safety – It’s important to pay attention to the stovetop because it’s one of the leading causes of fire due to the grease buildup. The induction cooktop has no apparent flame on its top and no gas leaks. Likewise, touching the stovetop won’t burn your hands because it does not get hot at all. As soon as you turn it on, then dial, the pan heats up quicker, just as swift as cooling down when the dial is turned off. Likewise, cooking vegetables can be done easier.

4. Control – The control of the induction cooktop is very responsive in which you can easily adjust the dial to achieve the desired temperature. It also features more settings such as temperature increments, better performance, and precise heat control. Cooking in this cooktop in a low location never falters.

5. Cleaning – Quicker cooking can be great, but easy cleaning is equally significant. The induction cooktop gets the dinner on the table safer and faster. At the same time, cleaning up the induction stovetop is never a big deal. Burning it on its top is impossible because the stovetop does not get very hot. This means that simply swiping of a sponge is enough to clean up the spill

Is induction cooking safe?

Safety should always be a concern when you are considering a new appliance to bring into your home. Cooktops and ranges are designed to create heat, and induction is no different. Since induction heats your cookware directly, as opposed to the cooktop surface, the surface won’t get hot until the right cookware is placed in the cooking zone. It also cools down much more quickly than traditional gas or electric cooktops.

This can be an important factor for families with children in their homes. Induction elements shut down automatically when a pot or pan is removed from the cooktop, thereby reducing the risk of accidentally leaving a burner on. If you want an induction, you don’t need to research it. You can check our best induction cooktop for your kitchen.

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